Benefits of Engineering and MBA in Finance

25Like most engineering students, I thought pursuing M. tech or GRE would be the best options for me. Probably my thought was dominated by the conventional approach followed by everyone. I almost overlooked the option of obtaining an MBA degree after the completion of my engineering. If I talk about the prevailing job market, I have inquired that only technical skills are great to get you a job, but they are not enough to guarantee you a steady growth in your future or escalating the growth levels in the corporate world.

After finalizing on the fact that I would pursue MBA, it took me some more while to decide what to specialize in. There was Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, etc. I narrowed it down to finance after a lot of analysis and research. It was a difficult decision indeed, as I very little knowledge of commerce and economics and I knew competing with students form commerce background. I came to know that top management colleges of India have a large number of students coming from non-commerce background and successfully complete MBA with finance specialization.

I realized that the mathematical and analytical skills that an engineering student acquires in this B. tech degree, gives him a better understanding of the subjects like accounts and economics. In most cases you can co relate problems with real life scenarios. This is actually one of the most sought after degree and you have the option to get into finance and any other sector where there is need for finance. You can easily be posted as accounts, bank and finance manager of companies.

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Corporate Finance Reporting Practices

24Corporate financial reporting is the process of preparing corporate financial reports. The corporate financial reports include the income statement, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement, and the statement of retained earnings.

It could be either presented at the month end, at the end of every quarter or at the end of the financial year.

Corporate finance reporting does not only display financial statements of businesses, but it provides an interpretation of financial information and highlights implementation of the financial policy.

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The Future of Retail Banking

23Retail banking is the delivery of services to individuals instead of businesses. Services provided include savings & transactional accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, and credit cards.

However, experts believe, traditional banks have a role to play, a historical notion of a trustworthy organization as a source of fund and as a medium for transactions would stay.

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How best nifty futures tips leads to your profit?

22If you trade in nifty futures then you are well versed with the fact that nifty fifty is a highly sensitive index of NSE(National Stock Exchange). Being a trader evidently you have two factors in your mind: one is making investment in most optimum manner and second is efficiently manage your risk in market due to its highly volatile nature. To manage your these goals nifty futures tips can help a lot.If you are able to perform the analysis which is performed by an expert then it is good. The path of trading is not difficult for you and you can earn your desired returns, but if you can not perform then definitely you need some experts advise on your trading strategy. Here through this article i am trying to explain how actually you can earn good profit by investing in nifty futures.

Be a new entrant or an existing trader whatever you are before knowing and framing nifty futures tips you must learn some factors associated with the market which are closely related to your trading decisions.Always use best trading strategy. It is not market movements who decides your returns it is your strategy you use that decides your profit or loss.

An optimum strategy can only help you in meeting your financial commitments through your investment.While using nifty futures tips, don not just use them blindly. With time use your experience as well and make out maximum from your investment in terms of returns.Do not panic with slight movements/fluctuations in nifty fifty. Keep yourself updated with all market news and updation and choose best nifty futures tips for trading purpose.

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